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Exponiq Logistics is specializes in providing fully integrated logistics solutions
world-wide. All the functions are specially designed to ensure the rapid and safe
transit of goods. With a global network of partners, Exponiq Logistics provides seamless shipping world over. Exponiq Logistics offers centralized customer services for international transport, logistics and supply chain management to enhance the productivity of your enterprise. Exponiq Logistics services are targeted at optimizing logistical operations.

We have provided excellent and cost-effective service to every customer who trusted us right from the beginning and as we grew we kept adding unique set of services to the portfolio to satisfy every need of the customer. That paved way to our motto, how complex our customer’s logistics needs are, we as a team take it as a challenge and deliver the result. Our tailor-made door-to-door transportation services and entire logistical solutions, whether by road, air, or sea, demonstrate that we provide a truly world-class service. Our exceptional quality and safety standards with internationally networked IT systems, highly skilled and motivated workforce complement our service.



Proven track record of fast delivery


Stay secured be assured


Providing transportation services worldwide


Choosing your logistics partner is a vital decision in your international business. The logistics company plays very important role on delivering your promises to your customers. A trusted, professional and responsible logistics service provider will assist you to reduce your costs and help to develop your business with timely services.

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